Celebrate Mother's Day with a dose of nature

Celebrate Mother's Day with a dose of nature

The one day of the year we celebrate Mother's Day everywhere, will soon be here and it's a day to recognise, appreciate and thank the special lady in our life. You could go for an exclusive meal or a girls day at the spa, but nothing is more appreciated than spending time with Mum, perfect quality time. Plus where better to go than to immerse yourselves in nature. There are plenty of options since it is springtime and here are our top picks.

Go to an NGS open garden

Is there any better place to relax, unwind and spend time together than in a garden? The National Garden Scheme has open days throughout the year, and in spring many beautiful and otherwise private gardens are free for you to meander. Of course, they will all involve refreshments, including tea and cake so you can finish your walk with a cuppa and a chat. The perfect Mothers Day!

Celebrate Mothers Day with a dose of nature on the beach

A beach walk is one of the best ways to blow the cobwebs away. Stroll along the sand, chat, laugh and even paddle! Perhaps you could collect shells, or if you have pets, why not take the pooch and play around. Don't forget to finish the walk off with ice cream or even fish and chips.

Visit the garden centre 

You may be expecting us to say this, but it's true, it is a great way to treat your Mum. Stop by your local garden centre, admire the spring plants, talk about plans for the garden and treat your Mum to a plant she really likes. You could even go back home afterwards and pot up a container or hanging basket together. A lovely way to spend the day and don't forget the tea and cake (of course!)

Celebrate mothers day with a walk in the forest

Mums can get so busy with a great deal of rushing around, making sure everyone is happy, and all is well. Why not take her for a lovely walk round our local forests or enjoy a woodland picnic. Relaxation and take some time out of your busy lives and enjoy each others company amongst the trees. If it's a beautiful day, why not take your Mums favourite food and some bubbles to celebrate. Your Mum will appreciate the quality time spent together.

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