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Caring for your houseplants, where to begin?

Houseplants are a craze that’s sweeping the nation. We have started to bring our little green friends indoors. Yet, like our outdoor friends they still need some tender loving care all year round. Don’t worry if your new to the green club, we have great suggestions for easy care houseplants uk. Allowing you to adopt a little one who’s easy to care for, as well as tips for your pre-existing children

Tell me what I want, what I really, really want! Well, most house plants like well-lit areas and draught free spots in your home. As well as even temperatures and high humidity. Majority of houseplants like temperature to be between 18c and 23c. Flowering and variegated (colourful) foliage, prefer more light than all green foliage.  Cacti, succulents & carnivorous plants preferer windowsills. Avoid south facing windowsills in summer, it leads to scorched plants.

Dry as a bone! Under watering is not what kills plants the most. Most houseplants die from over watering. House Plants need more watering in spring & summer and, less in winter.  This is when plants become dormant.  Always make sure to wait for the soil to be dry before watering. This help to avoid over watering and allow for excess water to drain out.

When going away watering is key, some plants can survive weeks, but some cannot. A great idea to keep your plants hydrated is leaving your plants in a shaded room. This helps to keep in moisture, or you can water the day you leave making sure to be through.  Or you can leave your plants in the bath on top of an old wet towel, allowing them to soak up moisture when needed.

The little one said move over! But, not all houseplants will need repotting but if you decide to, you not need to change your pot. If you, do you only need to go up one pot size, moving up in size too quickly can slow growth. When repotting water, the plant, then let it dry for an hour, and gently remove the plant from the pot. Loosen the root ball and cut away dead or rotted roots. Gently set the plant in its pot and fill compost. Water and do not fertilize re-potted plants for six weeks.

A little bit off the top! Make sure to prune any dying flowers and damaged or yellow leaves as this promotes growth. Plants with big leaf surface such as a Calathea, dust can build up which can prevent growth. Clean the leaves with water and a clean cloth or cotton wool. Most plants will grow without feed, but flowering plants need a boost once a week. Feed with a house plant liquid feed.

Pick me, pick me! Houseplants that are almost impossible to kill:

  • Dracaena – Likes bright light, room temperature. Use rainwater as sensitive to the fluoride.
  • Asparagus fern – Likes bright spots or dark spots, keep the soil moist but not drenched.
  • Spider Plants –Likes sunlight to partial shade and needs weekly watering.
  • Aloe – Likes direct sunlight and need to soak every 1-2 weeks.
  • Dragon tree – Likes low light, great in corners but plant is toxic to both cats & dogs so is not ideal for pet owners. 

So, there you have it our tips and tricks to help you on your journey of making your home a green dream. No matter if you’re a complete novice or a seasoned gardener. We hope you have learnt something new to help you create a sensational indoor paradise.  Shop instore or online and add to your jungle today.

Phyllis says house plants are a great way to start your gardening journey. Start with something as easy as a succulent and you soon will have our indoor jungle fully on the way. Try brightening your bathroom or kitchen with a house plant.

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