Chepstow Garden Centre

Our Products

Our Farm Shop is packed with delicious and appealing food and drinks including fresh produce, dry goods, sweet treats, preserves, an assortment of beverages and more.

Local produce for your everyday needs

We aim to be a food shop which focuses on local produce while providing all your everyday needs; including freshly baked bread, eggs, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can browse our deli, which has an extensive range of cheese from local Welsh and South West suppliers

We also stock a wide variety of chutneys, preserves, olives, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, frozen meals, tinned goods, and a great range of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits.

Fruits & Vegetables

We stock a wide range of seasonal fruits – availability can vary depending on the time of year. Our fruits include lemons, limes, red plums, a variety of apples, a selection of oranges, bananas, rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, figs, grapefruit, honeydew melon, watermelon and kiwi.

We stock a wide range of seasonal vegetables – availability can vary depending on the time of year. Our vegetables include carrots, parsnips, squashes, aubergine, leeks, cauliflower, cabbages, asparagus, peas, beans, broccoli varieties, onion varieties, a range of potatoes, loose garlic, ginger and chillies, an assortment of mushrooms and kale.

We try to maintain our salad items throughout the year but with all our fresh produce, it depends on seasonal availability. Our salad items include iceberg, flat and mixed leaf lettuce, spring onions, cucumber, celery, cooked beetroot, peppers and avocado.

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Fridge Items

Our milk comes in two bottle options. We sell semi skimmed and full fat milk as 1-pint glass bottles  and skimmed, semi skimmed and full fat milk in 2 litre plastic bottles . Glass bottles, when returned to the Farm Shop, we will give you a 10p refund. The bottle then goes back to the local dairy farmer who reuses them.

We sell a range of eggs (based on local availability) We stock everything from chicken eggs in packs of 6, duck eggs, quail eggs and even Ostrich eggs.

Netherend Farm Butter is made less then 10 miles from our Farm Shop. The butter is a traditional bar and comes as unsalted, salted and organic salted. Netherend Farm supply our Farm Shop as well as Harrods! Find out more:

We stock a wide range of creams, from single cream, double cream and whipping cream to sour cream and crème fraiche.

From Greek yoghurt to natural yoghurt, bio yoghurts to fruit yoghurts, we have something for every taste bud. Our flavoured yoghurts include pineapple and passionfruit, strawberry and redcurrant, mango and peach or damson and plum.

From a selection of pates to mortadella, Milano, salami, chorizo and ham, we have all you need for nibbles, savoury treats or an antipasto board. Don’t forget our deli cheese counter.

We have a range of delicious dips including hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, taramasalata, and salsa.

Cheese Counter

We have a range of pre-packaged cheese including cottage cheese, cream cheese, mascarpone and ricotta. We also have brie portions, camembert, feta, parmesan and halloumi.

We stock two ranges of cheese truckles:

Snowdonia Cheese – made in North Wales on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park, we stock Amber Mist, Beechwood, Black Bomber, Bouncing Berry, Green Thunder, Ginger Spice, Pickle Power, Red Devil, Red Storm and Ruby Mist. Find out more about Snowdonia cheese here:

Blaenafon Cheddar – handmade in the World Heritage Site of Blaenafon, we stock bara brith, blaenafon, capel Newydd, Cmyru Crunch, Dragon’s Breath, Pwll Ddu, Pwll Mawr, Smoked Pwll Mawr, Taffy Apple and Caerphilly. Find out more about Blaenafon Cheddar here:

Bute Sheese is a vegan cheese which is free from lactose, gluten and produced using an animal free process. We stock the blocks of cheddar sheese, smoked sheese, blue English sheese, garlic and herb sheese, and cheddar with jalapeno sheese. Find out more about sheese products here:

This cheese we have delivered in large wheels and we cut off to size and sell by weight. You can also order in whole wheels and we do create custom ‘cheese’ cakes for events. Our cheeses include everyday favourites, flavoured cheese, blue cheese and more unusual choices such as stinking bishop.

Dry Goods, Cakes & Biscuits

We have a wide selection of dry goods. From rice and pasta, to flour and tinned goods, to cereals and snacks we have all the basics for your kitchen cupboards.

 Our bakery cakes include Chelsea buns, scones, bath buns, lardy cakes and Welsh cakes. 

We have a range of biscuits, from shortbread to Viennese whirls, oat flips to brandy snaps.

Frozen Section

Cooks, established in 1997, set out to provide a decent, tasty alternative to mass produced supermarket ready meals.  They bring to the table superb quality by recreating the taste of home cooked food. Choose from a selection including beef stroganoff, roasted vegetable lasagne, lamb casserole with minted new potatoes or even a green Thai curry. They come in handy sizes, for 2 or 4 people, and there is even a range of desserts.

We sell loose frozen vegetables and fruit, enabling you to choose only the quantity that you require and the combinations of fruit to suit your needs.

Why not treat yourself to a freshly baked croissant, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin and more by stocking up on some frozen unbaked pastries, which you simply de-frost overnight and cook for 10 minutes in the morning – the taste and smell of them cooking in the oven fills the whole house. 


Whether you prefer herbal tea, traditional Welsh tea or freshly ground coffee beans, we have something for everyone. We supply Clipper’s for our tea and hot chocolate, Glengettie for traditional Welsh tea and Taylors for our coffee beans, which can be sold as beans or freshly ground on site.

If you prefer a cooler drink, try our ranges of Rocks squash, James and White juice and or Belvoir cordials.

We believe local is best and we continue that with our alcohol. We have cider and beer brewed in the Wye Valley and gin and wine produced locally in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

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