How to be greener – eco minded and vegan friendly

We all love to create tranquillity within our gardens but what about outside our homes? Climate change is becoming a larger issue as years go by. The world has started to look at how we as a planet can become more eco conscious and to help restore the natural bliss to the planet we call home. In-store we aim to grow and become more ecological as a business and supply initiative and sustainable products to our customers. to help them take that positive step forward.

In-store around 90% of the plants we sell have recyclable packaging. Except for the black pots, all plastic packaging and pots are recyclable with your local council, you can just pop them in with the rest of your plastics.

In the plant area our hoses and sprinkler use recycled rainwater as their source. Using recycled rainwater is a great alternative to tap water, not only is rainwater better for plants but also better to help regulate water use. As a planet we have a limited amount of water to go round, and there is more of a strain on water supplies in recent years. 42% of UK adults are now worried about areas of Britain losing water in the next 25-years. Now is a great time to make a change to the way you water your garden – water butts are a great at home solution to help reduce your water usage. Water butts are easy to set up and use, and by collecting the rainwater for you to you as and when needed, this reduces your tap water usage, saving you money and helping nature. 

There are other small changes we can do to help make our footprints greener. A good start is purchasing garden items designed to be more eco conscious. We recommend keeping an eye out for bamboo products. As well as being 100% biodegradable and antibacterial. bamboo is fast growing and a renewable tree grass. Bamboo requires little maintenance to farm and very little water to grow., making it a great alternative to hard wood products and other materials, such as plastics or fabrics like cotton that use large amounts of water to create. We recommend trying our bamboo gardening gloves that come in a range of colours and sizes. Other bamboo products we stock are the Full Circle Beauty collection, featuring bamboo toothbrushes, reusable muslin cloths and travel bottles and bags.

With the summer months upon us we start to prepare our gardens for the days of BBQ’s and sitting outside, bathing in the sunshine and enjoying the company of friends and family around us. So why not make some positive choices when prepping your garden. Like choosing our Weber Briquette 8kg bags. These 100% natural charcoal briquettes are made from dense carbonised wood starch and sourced from sustainable forests, even better the waterproof packaging is recycled.

Or how about some initiative garden furniture to relax on. We stock a great range of Bramblecrest sets which feature Eco cushions – made from recycled plastic bottles but tough wearing and can be left outside year-round. And why stop there? Why not light up your garden to see you through summer nights with our amazing range of solar powered lights. What better way to light your way than using the natural light of the sun?

Yet, it is not just the products we buy that are changing. More and more people are switching to dairy free and vegan products and here at Chepstow Garden Centre, we have you covered! With our Farm Shop offering a wide range of dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly products. From baking essentials, sauces, pasta, and cheeses, to sweet treats. One of our suppliers, Cooks, offer a delicious assortment of ready meals suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  The green Thai vegetable curry, shepherdless pie and halloumi & arrabbiata pasta bake are our favourites. These are just some of the delicious selections available in-store. All products feature VG or V symbols on the front packaging to help you identify them easily.


In a kitchen the food is not the only items you can change to take that one extra step towards being a green warrior. If you are an avid baker, we have a great range of reusable products, such as reusable cupcake cases and baking sheets so you can bake and bake and use every time. For your lunches on the go, we have a great alternative to your cling film and tin foils. Our assorted vegan Bee’s Wrap are washable, reusable and biodegradable. Or if the new paper straws are getting you down, why not try using our silicone reusable straws – ideal to store in your bag or use at party or BBQ.

It is not just your everyday essentials that we have covered in-store but gifts too. Online and in-store we stock Bomb Cosmetics. All their products are vegetarian friendly and animal cruelty free, with some select items being vegan friendly as well. We love Written in the Stars Bath Blaster, Pink Elephants & Lemonade Bath Blaster, and All That Glitters Bath Blaster. As well as the My Rainbow Soap, Purrfect Soap, Sweet Sundae Soap, Kiss from a Rose Soap, U-nicorn Can Do It! Lemon Meringue Soap and Cotton Fresh Soap.

With all this and more in-store, why not start your journey down the path of becoming more eco-friendly. Here at Chepstow Garden centre, we are here with a helping hand every step of the way.

Phyllis says you can also help the environment by planting in your garden. Trees are great for nature, as are wildflower areas. These areas do not have to be big, a dwarf tree and a small patch of wildflowers can be more than enough to help. 

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