Wildflower Meadow Cranesbill

Trouble free, native hardy geranium. Ideal for cottage garden borders and wild areas. A favourite of bumblebees and bullfinches.

How to Sow and Grow

  • Sow indoors, for surest results, 1.5cm (½”) deep, in a tray of compost.
  • Water well and place in a cold frame, unheated greenhouse or on a warm kitchen windowsill.
  • Keep moist.
  • Seedlings usually appear in 14-35 days, but germination may be erratic.
  • Further germination may be prompted by covering the seed tray with glass or clear plastic and leaving it outside to chill for 2-3 weeks before bringing it back into a gentle warmth.
  • Transplant seedlings individually as they appear to 8cm (3”) pots. (Always handle by a leaf, never by the stem.)
  • Gradually accustom young plants to outside conditions (avoid frosts), before planting out 30cm (1’) apart Native grown seed not taken from the wild.


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