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Welcome to Chepstow Garden Centre, a family owned and run independent business. Come and see us for a great selection of seasonal plants, gardening products, gifts and furniture, as well as trained and friendly staff who are always on hand to help. Visit our Farmshop for the freshest local produce or call into our restaurant for a relaxing coffee and a bite to eat.  We hope to see you soon!

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The next time you come into the store be on the look out for Phyllis our Garden Centre Cat! She is very friendly and loves new visitors!

Plant of the Week: Cornus

Plant of the Week: Cornus

Many of us are familiar with the colourful winter dogwoods, with whippy stems in brilliant scarlet, lime green or flames of orange to enjoy through the cold weather months.

Less well-known is that the family also includes some truly spectacular summer-flowering shrubs. Flowering dogwoods have showy, elegant bracts in ivory white or palest pink, opening in a waterfall over the delicate, airy branches, stealing the show in May and June. Look out for Cornus kousa ‘Miss Satomi’ in powder-pink, or C. florida in ivory white. The lovely wedding cake tree, C. controversa, has tiered branches of creamy-white flowers: give it a prime position where it can really show off.

Cutting back raspberries

For many, the raspberry crop is already over for the year. If this is the case, now is the time to cut out the fruited canes, right down to ground level. Once this is done, space out and tie in new canes for next year. Then replenish any mulch material, and give plants a feed and a water.

Allotment Sue

Allotment Sue has brought you regular updates on her journey to self-sufficiency, however it is now time to say a fond farewell to Sue and wish her luck in her new journey!

Don't worry you will still be able to view all of Sues Blogs to date!

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Keeping down weeds

Weeds, so the saying goes, are just plants in the wrong place. The trouble is, there are so many of them. However much you might think dandelions are pretty, or ground elder has elegant leaves, if you stop to admire them too long you (and your plants) will quickly be overrun.

You'll pro…

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