Welcome to Chepstow Garden Centre

Welcome to Chepstow Garden Centre, a family owned and run independent garden centre. Come and see us for a great selection of seasonal plants, gardening products, gifts and furniture, as well as trained and friendly staff who are always on hand to help. Visit our Farmshop for the freshest local produce or call into our restaurant for a relaxing coffee and a bite to eat.  We hope to see you soon.

New Restaurant NOW OPEN!

Our new garden restaurant is now open so please do call in on your next visit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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NEW! Garden Workshops Running at Chepstow

Would you like to learn basic horticultural skills and techniques, learn how to classify and identify plants, learn how to establish and maintain garden borders. Whether you want to learn for the first time or to improve the skills you already have or even learning the basics of managing your own business.


Rob Hodge Horticulture will offer professional and practical horticultural knowledge to anybody who wants to improve their existing skill sets. Read more...


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This brochure is valid from 28 Feb 2014 until 31 Dec 2014.

Allotment Sue

Allotment Sue brings you regular updates on her journey to self-sufficiency.  Share her experiences as she tackles the ups and downs of growing her own fruit, veg, flowers and herbs as well as coping with the challenges of erratic weather, invasive weeds and peckish birds!

Read Latest Blog - Friday 25th July

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Growing for show

Growing your own food is one of life's great pleasures, and like most good things, it's worth doing well. A great way of measuring your progress is to pit yourself against the old-timers - producers of football-sized onions and metre-long carrots.

It takes courage to exhibit your produc…

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Feed your borders

Sprinkle general-purpose fertiliser around your perennials to give a boost to their growth for the rest of the summer

Johnsons Quick Lawn Seed with Gromax 500g

Quick Lawn is the best all-round mixture money can buy, using only top varieties and th…

Valid until 30 September 2014

2 for £10

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Plant of the Week: Hydrangea

Plant of the Week: Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are among the best-loved of summer shrubs, their showy flowers making an eagerly anticipated spectacle from late July onwards.

They're well known for their curious habit of changing their flower colour in different gardens, and we're often asked why this is. It's a tendency most often seen in mophead and lacecap varieties of Hydrangea macrophylla, which produce blue flowers when soil is acid and pink if it's alkaline.

You can influence this by watering with rainwater, which is more acidic than tap water, and by taking steps to lower your soil's pH using aluminium sulphate 'blueing agents'. Alternatively, grow your hydrangeas in roomy containers of ericaceous (acidic) compost.