Santa's grotto Chepstow

Santa’s grotto in Chepstow is the perfect place to bring your children to around Christmas! Following our yearly tradition and success, we will be celebrating Christmas with the county’s children and their parents this year too.


The reasons you should visit Santa’s grotto in Chepstow this year

Santa's Grotto at Chepstow Garden Centre Every year at Chepstow Garden Centre we enjoy Christmas festivities with none other than Santa Claus himself. If you do not believe us, bring your children to meet him any Saturday or Sunday starting from the end of November until the end of December. You should be looking forward to this special occasion because there will be a lot to excite your children who will most certainly have a good time.

  • Gifts: Santa will be giving every child who visits him a special Christmas present!
  • Santa Selfies: If your child spends a couple of minutes with the Big Man himself in our Santa’s grotto in Chepstow, Wales, he might ask them to take a selfie with him.
  • Party With Friends: All of your children’s friends will be there. In fact, from what we have seen, parents coordinate and bring their children to visit the grotto together and your visit doesn’t have to be limited to a visit to Santa, but you could also stroll around in our garden centre, have your afternoon tea and a piece of cake in our café, as well as that you can visit our farm shop to treat yourself with a Christmas present such as typical Welsh produced food.


Bring your children to the warmest party of the winter

Our customers have developed the tradition of visiting our garden centre and our very own Santa’s grotto in Chepstow every year. They come in groups and spend a few hours in the chilly afternoon of December. Our popular Garden Cafe is often full of these visitors, who enjoy a great cup of tea or coffee with their favourite snacks and little bites while the children spend some time with Santa Claus and their friends.

Besides this special Christmas event, we celebrate other festivities. Your children might as well have breakfast with the Easter Bunny or go for a chick hunt in April. We also care about others, for which we have charity events regularly. Please visit our events page to learn more about the upcoming activities.

We can guarantee that not only the children but also the parents will have a great time visiting the Chepstow Garden Centre. Not just around Christmas or Easter time, but anytime!


Further information about Chepstow’s Christmas Grotto

During our celebrations for Christmas, we like to go a little overboard. By little, we mean a few weeks over. The greatest Santa’s grotto in Chepstow stays open for a month and you can bring your children to meet Santa between the end of November and the end of December every year. Make sure you and your children don’t have to miss out! Keep yourself informed by visiting our website by the time Christmas is around the corner for further details such as when the entry passes will be issued and the prices involved.