Pet Supplies

Whether you have a dog, cat, budgie or a rabbit, your pets are a big part of the family and you will want the very best for them. Here are Chepstow Garden Centre you will find what you need to ensure you keep your pets happy and healthy.

Bedding: Just like you, your pets also need a good nights sleep. We have a range of comfy, padded cat and dog beds to offer and sawdust and hay for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Food: The way to a man's heart is through is no different for your pets! We offer different types of food and treats at Chepstow whether your pets are young or old.

Hygiene: Keep your pets in tip-top condition with our range of combs, wipes and shampoo, for long haired and short haired animals as well as for animals with sensitive skin.

Toys and Entertainment: Whether you have a pet who is free to run around the house and outdoor space or a pet who has to live in a cage we have a choice of toys to ensure your pets have fun all day long! We have a huge selection of toys such as balls, catnip mice, tugging toys and squeaky toys. We also have a range of smaller toys for puppies and kittens.


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