Ticklish Plant

Have you ever seen a plant that moves when you tickle it? Mimosa Pudica, is also known as Sensitive plant, TickleMe Plant and touch-me-not. It is a creeping plant grown for its curiosity value. It can grow up to 18 inches if grown outdoors with hairy and spiny stems. Its flowers resemble little purplish puffs that produce ½ inch-long pods containing 3 – 4 seeds. The plant sleeps at night as it gently folds up its leaves but wakes again and spreads its leaves as the sun rises. 

How To Grow Your Very Own Ticklish Plant

Step 1:

Place the tablet of compressed compost into a cup and fill one-third with warm water. When the tablet is fully saturated it will swell up and then it’s ready to crumble up and put into the pot until about two-thirds full.

Step 2:

Place the seeds on the compost and cover them with the rest of the compost and gently firm down. Do not over water or allow the soil to dry out.

Step 3:

Position the pot on a saucer in a bright warm place, but away from direct sunlight. Cover with a clear plastic bag and keep in a warm place (minimum 15° C / 60° F) Keep the compost moist all the time. If pot is kept in temperatures of 21°– 30°C (70° and 85°F), young plants can sprout in less than 7 days. However, if temperatures are lower, it may take 21 to 30 days for your plants to sprout.

Step 4:

Remove the plastic bag from the pot when the first seedlings appear and move to a sunny position. First leaves will appear in several days. These are not ticklish and will not move. About three weeks later, mature leaves will appear and will move when tickled. As the plant grows, more and more leaves will appear which become even more ticklish!

Step 5:

Re-pot to a bigger pot when the roots are visible through the holes in the base, keep in good light and feed with a houseplant food fertiliser every 2 – 3 weeks in spring and summer. 

This Kit Contains:

A pot
Mimosa Pudica seeds


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