Pre Pack Potato Charlotte

Potato ‘Charlotte’ is a firm favourite among home growers and is ideal for salads. Its excellent uniform shallow-eyed, long oval tubers can grow up to 50% bigger than other salad varieties. A versatile choice for the kitchen, with tender creamy-yellow flesh with a mouth-watering flavour whether hot or in salads.

These seed potatoes have been cold stored ready for planting in late summer, so that you can harvest them in time for Christmas dinner!

If you’re planting your potatoes in the ground, plant them in mid-summer so that they will be ready to harvest before the first frosts, in mild areas or sheltered gardens. For Christmas harvests, plant the seed potatoes in August, in large containers or potato grow-bags in a frost-free greenhouse.  As the stems of the potato plants grow, mound up earth around them every few days to cover them up, or add a layer of compost to potatoes grown in containers or bags. This keeps light away from the developing tubers and stops them turning green and becoming poisonous.

Water regularly and feed container-grown potatoes fortnightly with a general-purpose liquid fertiliser.

Remove the foliage when it dies down in late autumn, and stop watering container-grown potatoes.

Potatoes should be ready to harvest in 12-13 weeks from planting.  10 Tubers.


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