Mouse Melon

Mouse Melon is the world’s cutest watermelon. The fruit is small enough to fit into a teaspoon, yet bite into one and the flavour is pure cucumber with a refreshing tinge of lime. These unusual plants make pretty, high-yielding vines and produces lots of fruit. They are native to Mexico and Central America.
They are also known in Spanish as “sandíita” (little watermelon), or Cucamelons, as they are a member of the cucumber family. 

How To Grow Your Very Own Mouse Melon Plant

Step 1:

Place the tablet of compressed compost into a cup and fill one-third with warm water. When the tablet is fully saturated it will swell up and then it’s ready to crumble up and put into the pot.

Step 2:

Place the seed on end, blunted end pointing downwards in the compost and simply push until covered.

Step 3:

Position the pot on a saucer and cover with a clear plastic bag and keep in a warm place around 24°C (75°F).The seed takes up to four weeks to germinate. A sunny windowsill is perfect, but under cold conditions they can be placed in the airing cupboard.

Step 4:

Mist the surface of the soil daily with water. A spray bottle set to use a fine spray is ideal. Do not saturate or your seed may rot.

Step 5:

Remove the plastic bag from the pot when two or three seed leaves have developed, reduce the temperature to around 18 to 21°C (65 to 70°F). Place the pot on a sunny windowsill or another spot where they will get direct sunlight. Continue to mist the soil daily, but allow the soil to dry between each watering.

Step 6:

With the help of an adult, when your seedlings are 7cm (2.5″) high or when the risk of frost has passed, plant out in a sunny position in a grow bag, pot or soil, 30-40cm (12-16″) apart and support the plant with a cane. Keep the compost moist, always water around the plant, not the foliage. The plant is also fairly drought-resistant.

Step 7:

Water and feed regularly with a high potash liquid fertiliser. Once the main growing shoot reaches 2.5m (8′) pinch this out to restrict the plant’s growing size. Trim the lateral side shoots when they reach 40cm (16″).

The vines are delicate to begin with but soon begin to fill out. Fruits can be picked from July onwards, when they are the size of a grape, but still nice and firm. Tender fruits less than 2.5cm (1in) in length which have not developed many seeds are ideal for salads. You can tell whether they are tender by simply squeezing them gently. No need to peel. Just cut in half and eat in salads or on their own. If they are an inch long and feel hard, they are probably best saved for pickling. They are perfect for little hands to pick and enjoy. 

This Kit Contains:

A pot
Melothria scabra seeds


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