Lettuce Four Colour Mizuna

Lettuce Four Colour Mizuna Mixed.  Enjoy freshly picked salad leaves throughout the year with this attractive mixture of Oriental greens. Lettuce ‘Four Colour Mizuna Mixed F1 hybrid’ can be sown indoors and grown on the windowsill all year round for fresh pickings as and when required, or grown outdoors during the summer months which will produce larger plants with mature leaves. Easy to grow and providing a reliable, quick and rewarding crop of eat-all, tender mild leaves with soft, slender stems.

Height: 30cm (12”). Spread: 15cm (6”).

June – August

August – October

How to sow
This salad leaf mix can be sown all year round indoors. Sow thinly 6mm (1/4in) deep in pots or trays of good quality seed compost on the windowsill. Sow monthly for a regular supply; harvest from 30 days in summer and up to 60 days during winter.

For outdoor crops, sow 3-4 seeds indoors in 5cm (2”) pots or used vending cups, or very thinly in a seed tray of good quality seed compost. Cover with 6mm (1/4”) of vermiculite or compost and keep at a minimum temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) until after germination which takes 4-7 days.

Alternatively, sow very thinly in a well- prepared seedbed 12mm (1/2”) deep in drills 23cm (9”) apart. Transplant seedlings after about 4 weeks from sowing, or when large enough to handle. Ideally plant in ‘square metre’ blocks allowing 25-36 plants per metre squared. Plant firmly and keep well watered for optimum results and to reduce bolting. Use fleece/environmesh to protect against caterpillar and aphid attack.


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