Body Snatcher Plant

The Body Snatcher plant is a Sundew variety. It is characterised by the glandular tentacles covered with rows of red hairs and each hair is tipped with sticky glistening droplets that resembles drew drops in the morning. The insects are attracted by the droplets which they mistake for nectar and are trapped. The tentacles then slowly enfold its prey and the plant begins to digest its capture. These plants live in boggy and sterile conditions, so they rely on its prey to obtain its nutrients. They also have pretty pink or white flowers and make a lovely plant for a sunny windowsill. 

How To Grow Your Very Own Body Snatcher Plant

Step 1:

Empty the Sphagnum moss into the pot and thoroughly wet the moss using rainwater, distilled water or filtered water. Never use hard water from the tap.

Step 2:

Sprinkle the tiny seeds on the surface and lightly press to ensure good contact with the soil, but don’t cover the seeds. It is a good idea to record the date of sowing.

Step 3:

Place pot on a saucer part filled with water. Do not pour water directly on the seeds. Humidity is very important, so ensure there is always water in the saucer so the soil doesn’t dry out.

Step 4:

Cover the pot with a plastic bag and keep warm in a bright location away from direct sunlight at a temperature around 20°- 25°C (70°- 80°F) for best germination. Make sure to check the seeds often. Keep seeds warm and moist at all times. Sundews are fast growing from seed providing they are kept within this temperature range.

Step 5:

Remove the plastic bag when first seedlings appear (6-8 weeks), and continue to add water to the saucer to ensure the plant does not dry out. Keep in as much light as possible as they are sun loving plants. Keep humid to encourage maximum dew production.

Step 6:

When young plants fill the pot, they can be transferred to larger pots to prevent overcrowding. When your plants bloom, save the seeds to grow more. The plants may be fed once every two weeks for rapid, robust growth and flower production with fish food flakes or powder if no insects are available in the growing position. But do NOT feed with fertiliser.

These plants go through a period of dormancy. During dormancy the plants stop producing new leaves and effectively die back to the ground. Reduce watering in the winter months (October-March). A new clump of plants will appear in the spring. 

This Kit Contains:

A pot
Drosera Capensis seeds


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