Blue Pumpkin

This is a lovely and decorative pumpkin with stunning blueish-green to ghoulish Halloween grey! It originates from the town of Jarrahdale in New Zealand. The flattened, firm-ribbed fruits have a nutty golden to orange coloured, sweet, and stringless flesh. This easy-to-grow pumpkin makes delicious pumpkin pies, attractive centerpieces and dramatic Jack-o-Lanterns. 

How To Grow Your Very Own Blue Pumpkin Plant

Step 1:

Place the tablet of compressed compost into a cup and fill one-third with warm water. When the tablet is fully saturated it will swell up and then it’s ready to crumble up and put into the pot.

Step 2:

File the edges of the seed lightly with a nail file or a piece of sandpaper. File edges except the pointed end. This step allows moisture to reach the seed easier and will aid germination. Soak the seed in warm (not hot) water for 3-6 hours.

Step 3:

Plant the seed in the pot, 1″ deep. Place the seed on its side in the moist, but not soaked compost. Place on a saucer and cover with a clear plastic bag and keep in a warm place like the airing cupboard. The ideal seed starting temperature is around 26°C (80 °F). In 4 – 10 days the seedling will emerge from the soil. The plant all but explode from the soil, growing at a fast pace, even as a seedling.

Step 4:

After frosts or any cold nights have gone, plant your seedling outside in a sunny position in a mixture of topsoil and organic matter. Ideally, make a mound 45 to 60 cm wide and at least 20 cm tall. The soil will also need to be well drained. To improve drainage, it is recommended to add a light compost to any hard, compacted soil in the sowing area. This will prevent the roots from rotting.

The plant will grow to a mature height of 0.6 meters and run 3 to 4.5 meters in length. So make sure the plant has a large area to grow. When vines start to establish pumpkins, place straw under the fruits to prevent them from touching the bare ground beneath, as this can cause rotting. The Blue Pumpkins will be ready for harvest in roughly 100 days after first sprouts appear. Cut the stems at least 2 to 3 inches from the actual fruits, otherwise the fruits will rot. Don’t allow harvested pumpkins to get wet. You can collect seeds from the core to establish fresh plants the following year or enjoy them roasted. 

This Kit Contains:

A pot
Jarrahdale Pumpkin Seed


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