Banana Plant

The banana plant brings a touch of the tropics to any room with its decorative foliage making an attractive feature. Given light, space and warmth; ideally in a conservatory, there is no reason why it shouldn’t produce fruit. Bananas grow in large, hanging bunches and a row of bananas is sometimes called a ‘hand’, while a single banana is called a ‘finger’. Bananas contain around 75% water and they have a high nutritional value and are a healthy snack. Fibre taken from banana plants can also be used to make clothes.  

How To Grow Your Very Own Banana Plant

Step 1:

File one side of the seed lightly and soak in lukewarm water for 1 to 2 days, changing the water after the first day.

Step 2:

Place the tablet of compressed compost into a cup and fill one-third with warm water. When the tablet is fully saturated it will swell up and then it’s ready to crumble up and put into the pot until about two-thirds full.

Step 3:

Sow 1 cm deep in the compost, fill the pot with the remaining compost and cover with a clear plastic bag and keep in a warm place, at minimum temperature of 27 to 30 degrees C (80 to 85F) It is important to keep the seed warm at constant temperature, as this will assist germination. It will probably take 4 – 12 weeks, but don’t worry if it takes longer, just be patient and remember to keep the post moist (not wet) at all times!

Step 4:

Remove the plastic bag when seedling appears moving the seedling into more light and increase watering and feed to encourage growth.

Step 5:

Banana plants can grow rapidly and will need re-potting from time to time. They need long sunny growing periods with temperatures above 15*C (60*) to fruit. Banana plants growing in containers need ample watering during spring and summer and feed weekly with a general purpose liquid feed. In autumn reduce watering and feeding and in winter water only when on the dry side. 

This Kit Contains:

A pot
Ensete Glaucum seed


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