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Looking for garden tools near Newport? Your search ends here. At Chepstow Garden Centre’s garden tools store, we have the complete variety of handy garden tools you will need for any exercise in your garden. From hoes, shears and saws to pruners, scrapers, brooms, and trowels, we have it all and much more. Once you step into our tools store, you will not leave wanting.


Our comprehensive range of garden tools near Newport

The thing about maintaining the perfect garden tools store is you have to keep a wide variety of products. Various kinds of tools are required for different types of necessary exercises needed to keep a garden beautiful and healthy. Between pruning bushes, shrubs and flower stalks and properly hoeing, grubbing and troweling the soil before every new plantation, a dedicated garden owner has to invest in building an arsenal of handy garden tools for every task. Our range of products in the store includes the following, although it does not end with this list:

  • Shearing: We have a wide variety of shearing instruments perfect for any kind of shearing need in your garden. We have compact hand shears for easy reach and convenient shearing, popular long shears for the traditional gardener, small topiary shears you can use with just a thumb and a finger, telescopic shears for longer reach, and stainless steel shears for longevity.
  • Pruning: Your growing shrubs and plants need constant and good pruning for the perfectly trimmed look of your garden. Our collection of pruning garden tools near Newport include bypass pruners for scissors-styled cutting of regular thin branches and stalks, anvil pruners for knife-like cutting of tough branches and wood, left-hand pruners if you prefer working with your left hand, and ratchet pruners with a curved anvil for multiplied pressure.
  • Hoeing / Raking: Our hoeing tools and rakes are the best in business, letting you take care of your soil in the best possible manner. We have simple rakes in small and big sizes, combed rakes, small draw hoes, traditional Dutch hoes, and even double hoes for two-sided work.


Our unrelenting focus on product quality

Dutch garden hoeAt Chepstow Garden Centre, we are known among our customers for a keen eye for quality. It allows us to deliver only the best to our customers who get more value for their money than they hoped for. All the garden tools we have in our inventory come from tried-tested-and-loved brands with numerous years of warranty for every item. In fact, for most of the handy garden tools we offer in our garden tools store, you will find the manufacturers have declared 10-year warranties. This confidence is heart-warming to our customers and allows them to trust the product while we get the opportunity to impress them with great quality products.


We have all the garden tool brands you trust

Our focus on quality does not end with getting your products with the longest warranty. It goes deeper and says a lot about how we choose the items for our inventory. At the same time, we ensure our customers are never disappointed by our stock and find the garden tools they are looking for. This is why our collection of garden tools near Newport is fortified with all the major brands popular among English gardeners.

A combination of only including high-quality product lines and all the brands our customers trust, we have amassed our stock with products from the following five brands of handy garden tools:

  1. Wolf Garden
  2. Darlac
  3. Spear & Jackson
  4. Yeoman
  5. Burgon & Ball

We are always testing new brands in our garden tools store, and follow our customers’ feedback on products to include or exclude any given brand.

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Get expert advice on our garden tools near Newport

Such a wide variety of garden tools leads to many confused customers, though. People come over to buy our garden tools near Newport and then cannot decide which ones they should go for, thanks to our variety of items in every product category. This is why we have experts at the store helping our customers with their shopping, assisting them in getting the perfect tools for their garden.

Besides stocking gardening products and tools, you can enjoy our café/restaurant, farm shop and attend our special events such as Easter events or our famous Santa’s Grotto.

Visit our garden tools store any day of the week and buy the beat garden tools near Newport