Garden furniture Bristol

Our displays of garden furniture near Bristol are attracting hordes of visitors from the city who are looking for the perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and best value for the money. You can visit Chepstow Garden Centre any day of the week to see how our branded garden chairs, tables, loungers, and benches would look in your garden. We guarantee you will fall in love with the variety and products.


A variety of garden furniture near Bristol

Speaking of variety, we have long since started giving outdoor living a special place in our inventory. In typical English springs and summers, garden owners have the perfect slot of time to arrange garden parties and invite their dinner guests to sit near their colourful flowerbeds to enjoy a cup of tea. We have a broad range of products to satisfy the wants of our customers, including the following:

  • Weave Furniture: A big range of branded garden weave furniture awaits you at Chepstow Garden Centre. Our duet sets, resin weave chairs and tables, and gazebos are perfect for small tea parties.
  • Wooden Furniture: When it comes to classy furniture, nothing beats the look of wood. Our display of garden furniture near Bristol will leave you stunned with its magnificence and craftsmanship.
  • Weatherproof Furniture: Since British summers come with endless rains, it would be prudent to use weatherproof fabric for your garden furniture wherever possible. We supply completely reliable garden chairs and cushions safe in comfortable weatherproof fabric to save you the trouble of drying your favourite garden seats every other day this summer.
  • Cast Iron Furniture: Another solution to rains affecting your beautiful garden chairs is using ornate designs of cast iron furniture in the garden. Our branded cast iron and aluminium tables and chairs can add a darker flavour to the beauty of your garden with their black and dark grey hues.


Garden weave furniture and other materials near Bristol

Cast iron garden furniture When you visit Chepstow Garden Centre to see our displays of garden furniture near Bristol, you will be welcomed with endless products weave chairs, tables, and duets. Over time, weave furniture has proven to be the most popular type of garden furniture for a number of qualities of the material. When you add the vision, technology and methods of high-quality brands, your weave furniture becomes even more valuable. It is light to carry, sturdy to use, dries very fast after overnight rains, and is cheaper than other types of garden furniture.

Since our customers expect the best from us, we do not take lightly to what gets into our inventory. The products we have, regardless of the material they are made of, are of supreme quality because we only choose the best and proven brands to add in our catalogues and displays of garden furniture near Bristol. Buying from Chepstow Garden Centre, you can rest assured the furniture you get will come with price tags that do not burden your pocket and quality that makes it last for years to come. Have a look at our garden furniture collection in the online shop for more inspiration!


Count your garden chairs

In our outdoor living section, we also make sure our customers get enough of everything. When it comes to numbers, we have enough seats in our sets to go around for every one of your guests. We have sets starting from two persons to eight persons and even more. Whether you enjoy the quiet of your garden on your own or love having Saturday afternoon barbeque parties, you will find the perfect combination of chairs and tables to satisfy your wants.

Our displays of garden furniture near Bristol can inspire you to build your own sets for as many people as you want. Our donut seats, bistros, cushioned loungers, armchairs, two-seaters, benches, and many more items allow you to be creative with how you want your outdoor furniture to look in the garden.


Other products

As a garden centre, we stock a lot more than just garden furniture. After all, before being able to sit back and relax in your garden, you would want your garden to be healthy and look neat. We have a wide range of garden tools and care products that will definitely help you achieve this! Besides that, we stock barbecues, pet products, giftware, garden clothing and more.  

Visit us this week and get inspired by the displays of garden furniture or any other product range we stock!