Fern Festival

This year we will be celebrating new plants each month with a plant festival! 


For March and April we are changing over to Ferns! We have a huge variety of different specimens of ferns, from infant size all the way up to 5 litres. 


What are Ferns?

Ferns are a wonderfully verstaile plant, perfect for those shady corners of the garden where you may struggle to grow other greenery. They are low-maintenance and because they can tolerant a wide range of soil conditions, they can mostly be grown in any garden. They can also be planted in containers alongside other hardy perannials, or mix it up and plant in walls and alongside shrubs. Ferns come in a huge variety of sizes, so you can really experiemnt with where and how you plant them in your garden. Ferns can be evergreen ao they are great options if you want year round colour. 


Why are Ferns great for my garden?

  • Shade loving
  • Ornamental Foilage for your garden
  • Requires virtually no maintenacne


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