Farm Shop Gloucestershire

The best farm shop near Gloucestershire is located within the premises of the popular Chepstow Garden Centre on the A48 near Pwllmeyric. Newhall Farm Shop is one of the most organised and well-stocked farm produce store you will find across the whole county. Residents of the localities all around us, including Gloucestershire, visit us to get fresh local farm produce, the best fresh baked bread in Wales, delicatessen and many other delicious products to satisfy your taste buds with healthy food.


Farm Shop near Gloucestershire: a variety of products

Farm Shop near Gloucestershire Apart from the outstanding quality of products we stock, Newhall Farm Shop is loved by our customers for the sheer variety of products we have waiting for them. Whether you need the day’s freshest carrots and apples, locally famous marmalades, a bottle of balsamic vinegar, frozen farm produce, just a vegan meal, the best cheesecake in Wales, or Swiss confectionery, we have it all waiting for you. Our range of products includes:

  • Fruits & Vegetables: We keep Newhall Farmshop well-stocked with the season’s fruits and vegetables coming in from the local farms and some items from our very own Chepstow Garden Centre.
  • Wales’ Best Bread: You will always find fresh bread coming out of Wales’ rare traditional bread kitchens: Wigmores of Monmouth. We keep our farm shop in Chepstow, near Gloucestershire, filled with the day’s delivery of Wigmore's bread in many flavours and shapes, including tin loaves, white cobs, Swansea loaves, loaves made with tomato and basil, cheese and onion, and walnut and stilton. We book orders the evening before, that’s how popular Wigmore's bread is.
  • Delicatessen Offerings: A combination of fresh dairy with the many traditional Welsh cheese makes our deli products a box of memorable sensations and flavours. You will discover you have endless options on our Deli Counter. Apart from the famous local cheeses, you can enjoy anchovy fillets, olives and sundried tomatoes, not to mention an array of healthy oils and vinegar. Our experimental vinegar is ever popular and our home-grown and made cream cheese filled red peppers, garlic cloves, balsamic onions, potato salad, and coleslaw will entice your hunger.
  • Frozen Produce: In our farm shop near Gloucestershire, we keep frozen farm produce as well so you can take as much as you want in the right combinations of fruits and vegetables. Beyond the greens, we keep frozen unbaked pastries in a number of flavours and healthy frozen meals from locally trusted brands, such as Cooks. Our very own Lodge Farm Kitchen meals come in a number of traditional and popular recipes and just need some heating before they are served.
  • Vegan Food Items: Our vegan customers always find a lot of options to satisfy their appetite in The Parsnipship section in at Newhall Farmshop.
  • Cakes We Keep: We keep a big stock of Continental Patisserie’s cakes for customers who prefer chocolate over cheese. Our counter offers many flavours, including duo chocolate mousse, toffee and pecan cheesecake, chocolate brownie cheesecake, and fruit tarts among others.
  • Chocolate Form The House Of Sarunds: Simply the best-filled chocolates you will find anywhere in the country. We offer truffles, chocolates, nutties, and handmade animal chocolates for your little troublemakers at home.


Newhall Farm Shop: a local farm produce store

You will always find our farm shop near Gloucestershire filled with the local farm’s daily produce so you never get to buy any greens, roots or fruits that are even remotely stale in our house. At our farm shop in Chepstow Garden Centre, you will find finely done displays of fruits and vegetables highlighting the season and special occasions, like Christmas.

The variety you will find in our local farm produce store is endless. Apples, peaches, plums, bananas, oranges, green pears as well as the red ones, are just some of the fruits we have in our fresh stock every day and others when in season. When it comes to vegetables, we have a variety of potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbages, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, mushrooms, fennel, celery, hispi, parsnip, and asparagus, to name the regular items.


A house of quirky flavours and local brands near Gloucestershire

When it comes to a variety of products and flavours, you will probably find no match to Newhall Farmshop. Not only do we have all the separate categories of products each filled with a long list of options for you, we have still more specialised edibles to make sure our customers get their first choice of foods traditionally available in a farm produce store.

Fine Cookie Co. supplies us with a long range of their scrumptious chocolate brownie cookies to detonate chocolate bombs on your tongue, triple chocolate fudge in their all-that-jazz cookies, a medley of cranberries, meringue, honeycomb and chocolate in the rocky mountain road cookies, and others.

At our farm shop in Chepstow Garden Centre, we also keep a stocked inventory of Mrs Bridges’ famous marmalades, jams, and chutneys, not to mention Sarah Stone’s handmade cakes in many traditional flavours. You will also notice our variety of fresh biscuits with their aroma lingering all around.

Fabulous Fish’s counter in our store offers their signature fresh seasonal fish. With many awards for quality products to their name, the brand only brings the best of marine life for our seafood loving customers.

Our specially prepared Swiss Marantz come in giant sizes and will leave you wanting more even when you feel full. Their lemon and chocolate, strawberry, and white chocolate and raspberry flavours are most popular among our customers.

We also stock ostrich eggs in season, a range of liquor products, ciders, beer, ale, and just about anything else you can expect to find in a farm shop.

Farm Shop near Gloucestershire


Looking after vegan customers in our farm shop near Gloucestershire

You need not think you will be neglected in Newhall Farmshop. We have plenty to make your mouth water, excite your taste buds, and then satisfy your hunger with our delicious vegan meals over at The Parsnipship section. This popular brand makes eccentric vegan recipes that you can try for a full meal or just fry on both sides to make an unusual patty for your burger.

You can store these meals for over a week without worrying about them losing their taste. They come in a variety of flavour combinations, including stilton and spinach potato cake, tandoori chickpea and lentils, wild mushroom nut roast, beetroot bomb, etc.

Our frozen food section also has a number of options available for our vegan customers. So, if you are looking for something to keep in the freezer for a while before you use it, our farm shop near Gloucestershire definitely has something for you.

Visit Newhall Farmshop and tell your neighbours in Gloucestershire how you do your shopping so fresh and full of flavours. Besides that, you can also visit our garden centre for a wide range of gardening tools, a cup of tea or to buy gifts for your relatives.