A Christmas Debate: Real or Artificial Trees?

A Christmas Debate: Real or Artificial Trees?

For many of us, the Christmas buzz doesn’t start until at least the 1st December, whilst others will have the Christmas tree up by the end of November. For many, it varies year on year, depending on their festive mood.
Whether you’re a late starter or can’t get enough of the festive season already, we all have a strong view on the real vs. artificial tree argument and Chepstow Garden Centre wants to settle the debate for good.

Real Trees
+ Real Christmas trees are known to be environmentally friendly - they have a significantly lower carbon footprint than artificial trees and can be easily recycled after use.
+ For many Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the fresh pine scent.
+ Many tree growers plant a new tree for every tree cut and sold to sustain the rural economy.
- Real Christmas trees can be quite messy. As they are transported and moved around the needles from the tree tend to drop. They also require being planted and watered to maintain life.
- Purchasing a real Christmas tree can work out to be more expensive in the long run – they obviously don’t last as long as artificial trees so you will need to buy a new one each year.

Artificial Trees
+ Artificial trees are more cost effective than real Christmas trees as they can be used multiple times and simply stored away after use each year.
+ They are great for people or families who have allergies to pine, or other allergies relating to plants and trees.
- Unfortunately they tend to be made up of non-renewable sources like petroleum or plastic, which can be environmentally unfriendly.
- Time is needed to assemble an artificial Christmas tree and requires good storage for after use.
- According to The Carbon Trust, you would need to reuse an artificial Christmas tree for around ten years for its environmental impact to be less than a real Christmas tree.

So there you have it, as with anything, choosing a real or artificial Christmas tree has its pros and cons. Whichever you choose, we are sure the family traditions will remain the same and fabulous memories will be made during this well-loved season!

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