Hellebores Festival


This year we will be celebrating new plants each month with a plant festival! 


For January and February we are celebrating Hellebores! We will have over 30 different varieties of Hellebore in store, in various sizes, so there will be a plant to suit anyone and everyone. 


What are Hellebores?

Hellebores (sometimes called the Christmas Rose) are perennial plants with beautiful flowers, perfect for brightening up your garden during late winter and early spring. Certain species are evergreen and are used in planting schemes for their amazing architectural foliage, a striking focal point all year round. 

Hellebores prefer to grow in rich, well-drained soil, so make sure you avoid planting in dry or waterlogged soil. They like dappled shade and can be sensitive to strong, cold winds, so make sure you fleece them if the weather turns. 


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