Afternoon Tea South Wales

For the best afternoon tea in South Wales, we invite you to visit our Garden Café. Our native customers love the traditional English teas we serve. We also offer a variety of coffee for other caffeine lovers. Come and enjoy our special tea with your family or friends, which you might as well complement with cake or small bites.


Afternoon tea in South Wales is all about variety 

The Garden Café is managed by a team of professionals with years of experience in the café bar and restaurant industry. The team understands that people are picky about their afternoon tea and what they eat with it. Our menu is packed with a fine array of teas, coffees, and edibles to go with either. Our main categories of offerings include the following:

  • Tea: When it comes to tea, the English have always had a variety of recipes to go about it. At the Garden Café in Chepstow Garden Centre, we make you traditional teas, including the perfectly brewed brown leaves, special homemade West Country cream tea, and many more. In our café, you are bound to find one of your most memorable instances of teatime in South Wales.
  • Coffee: For coffee lovers, we maintain an assortment of popular recipes so they get the perfectly blended and brewed cup of their favourite style of coffee. Our beans come from trusted brands that have been enticing English caffeine lovers for decades and our brewing experts make sure you have the best cup of the year in The Garden Café.
  • Snacks: You need more than a cup of tea or coffee to have the best afternoon tea in South Wales, or anywhere else in the UK. Our café’s menu comes packed with endless options to give you the right savoury and sweet choices you would love with your cup of refreshing tea. These snacks include a variety of light bites, toast, cakes and paninis, to name the most popular items.


The café ambience and other offerings Afternoon tea in South Wales

When you visit our café, you will realise it is not some random idea to use the free space we had at Chepstow Garden Centre. In fact, a lot of customers have complimented the calm ambience of the café with the perfect balance of light, the simple arrangement of tables, and, of course, the customer service we provide.

Our staff is friendly and is always willing to suggest what you should take with your cuppa in case you are overwhelmed by the variety of offerings on the menu. If you love free coffee, consider our Coffee Loyalty Card!

The wooden floor, the white walls, and the choice between maroon and white cushioned chairs as well as minimalistic chic chairs and tables for a quick meeting, make our café the perfect place for any kind of gathering in the morning or afternoon with the signature English decorum of a tea party.


Confectioneries to make it the perfect afternoon tea 

The painfully brief mention of our menu of edibles above did not do justice to what you can expect when you open The Garden Café menu! We offer a great set of choices for snacks and edibles to go with your cup of tea or coffee. We have a wide variety of cakes with flavours ranging from chocolate to strawberry cheesecake and everything in between. Most of this, as well as a wide variety of locally produced goods, can also be found in our Farm Shop. Besides that, you can pick from our delicious paninis, a variety of toasties, and many options of light bites. In case you are actually hungry for something more, you can even order from a variety of main meals before we bring out your perfect cup of afternoon tea in South Wales.


Special teatime occasions 

We love celebrating special days for our customers. We have birthday tea parties in The Garden Café all the time, for which we book the place with a week’s notice. Our decorations and special offers change for special occasions, including Christmas Eve, Valentine’s Day, etc.

We invite you to visit The Garden Café and have the best cup of tea in all of South Wales any day this week. For opening hours and information regarding special events, check our Garden Café page.